Global Cookies

Global Cookies

  • Forget the Rainbow, Come Taste the World

    While some countries are famous for their cookies, i.e. France, Germany and Italy, others aren't so well known and we aim to change that! Want a taste of the Caribbean? Try our chewy Dominican Coconut and crispy Guatemalan Sesame cookies. How about a trip to the Middle East? Give our soft Persian Poppy Seed or crunchy Syrian Barazek (Honey Pistachio) cookies a go. And not to be upstaged, our Russian Priyanki (Honey Spice) are fire and Spanish Perrunillas (Almond, Citrus and Brandy) are, in a word, yum!    

  • Global Cookies & Collections

    We package our Global Cookies in collections cause although they're exponentially delicious, they're no easy feat to make and we want you to get the best experience ever.

  • Order Time Frame

    We're not the slap 'em together and hope for the best kind of bakery, thus all Global Cookie Collection orders must be received at least one week before your scheduled delivery. 

  • Feel Free to Ask Questions

    We get it. New can be scary. Or maybe you have an adventurous palate but you have no clue what it might taste like or what a specific ingredient is. So give us a ring, drop us a line, check us out on Facebook and ask away.