Frosting Shots

  • True Story

    These little suckers are wickedly popular. and we had never planned on putting Frosting Shots on the menu but after getting e-mails, phone calls and texts, we knew we had to or there would be a lynch mob coming for us!

  • Small Cup, BIG Taste

    We kept our Frosting Shots small but big enough to satisfy any frosting lover's sweet tooth. At two-ounces each, they're about 6 or 7 good bites. Fingers also work well in a pinch or so we've been told.

  • More Than Just a Sweet Treat

    Frosting Shots are great for adding an extra dollop of frosting to cupcakes, mini cakes, snack cakes or even squished between two Classic Cookies.

  • Frosting Shots Flavor Combinations

    Frosting Shots Flavor Packs come in four different flavor combinations. Each Frosting Shot Flavor Pack has 24 two-ounce cups and four of each frosting flavor.