Sweet Treats

  • Cereal Mixes

    Each Cereal Mix is packed with intense flavor. Some are fruity and nutty, some chunky with candy bits and cookies, while others are sticky with caramel and gooey delights. Packaged in 6" high glassine bags.

  • Crispy Cereal Treats

    Both kids and adults adore our Crispy Cereal Treats. They're thick, sticky and big. Stuffed, dipped or sprinkled with chocolate, fruits, nuts, sprinkles and other yummy things.     

  • Sweet & Chunky Popcorn

    Not just any ordinary popcorn. Each bag of Sweet & Chunky Popcorn bag is chock full of different delights, such as candy bits, cookies, fruits and nuts. Packaged in 6" high glassine bags. 

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