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Global Cakes

  • The Only Bakery in Las Vegas to...

    Cheerful Confections is the only bakery in Las Vegas to offer such a wide variety of globally inspired cakes. Our global cake menu has been created with authentic and traditional recipes gleaned from chefs and home cooks from all over the world. For some time, we have been testing and playing with ingredients, flavor combinations and texture to offer you an exciting array of desserts. We heartily encourage you to try new flavors and explore a world of options unavailable to Las Vegas residents and tourists.    

  • We're Proud of Our Award-Winning Cakes.

    Our cakes have been recognized by regional and national baking contests and also a smattering of national magazines. While awards and prizes are fabulous to garner, nothing beats customer satisfaction and happy, loyal customers.

  • Our Cakes Are Big and Fat and Loaded with Flavor!

    We're not talking grocery store flat and squat cakes. We're talking tall and thick and chock full of fillings, goodies and frostings that are lip-smacking good. 

  • Feel Free to Ask Questions

    Please ask any questions you may have regarding our global cake menu. We understand that some of the ingredients or types of cakes may be unfamiliar and we want you to feel 100% comfortable by knowing what our cakes are made with and what they should taste like. Contact us at 702-333-0013.

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