Treat Towers

  • The Ultimate Showstopper

    Treat Towers are a trend that isn't going away soon, are casual and elegant occasions and truly customizable for the specifics of any type of event.    

  • Ideal for Both Casual and Elegant Parties & Events

    Treat Towers are ideal for casual and elegant occasions and we customize Treat Towers to the specific needs of your event as well as your taste preferences.

  • By the Numbers

    Treat Tower Packages are priced by the number and the size of the tower. Treat Towers are not shelves with treats placed one-by-one and side-by-side. They are "glued" with melted chocolate or caramel onto a non-edible tower. Prices start with 60 items up to a maximum of 150 items per tower. More than 150 items requires a custom quote.

  • Available Six Ways

    Treat Towers are available in six different options. Chocolate Dipped Cake Balls, Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, Chocolate Truffles, Decorated Mini Donuts as well as the much lauded French Croquembouche.