T.G.I. Friday Delivery

  • Schedule & Deadline

    Our customers love Friday Night Delivery and who can blame them? Friday Night Delivery is between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m and we accept orders until 7:30 p.m. Orders are based on availability, so we regularly update our system to minimize ordering items that have gone home with someone else. Many customers prefer to get their orders in before Friday, just sayin'.

  • Delivery Details

    We deliver in two-hour chunks and we'll contact you to confirm your delivery soon after we get your order. Please make sure someone is around to accept your order as we cannot redeliver your order. Unless you let us know ahead of time, the signature of any person will serve as proof of delivery.

  • Route & Fees

    Minimum order is $20.00 and a delivery fee of $3 will be added to each order. All orders must be paid prior to delivery. Unless ordered earlier in the week, we have a limited delivery route on Friday Night Delivery days and the delivery route is always available on our website.

  • Order Acceptance

    Unless you state otherwise, the signature of any person at the location will serve as proof of delivery. Please make sure someone is available to accept delivery as we will not redeliver your order and a refund will not be given.