Signature Cakes

Signature Round & Bundt Cakes

  • A Cake Is Not Just a Cake

    Raise your hand if you like the taste of cake that has been chilling in the freezer for months on end? Anyone? We didn't think so. Our cakes are baked upon order, they're soft and tender, made with finely crafted ingredients and just the right amount of sweetness. Once baked, they're finished with frosting that is lush, delicately flavored and thick enough to stand up to layers of fillings and goodies. All of which makes our cakes easy to cut, serve and enjoy. 

  • Thick, Tall and Freakishly Yummy

    Round Cakes are available in 6", 8", 10" and 12" rounds and unless otherwise specified, they're four layers high and at least 5" in height. Bundt Cakes are 10" in diameter. Sky-High In Size Birthday Cakes are 12" or higher.

  • From Farm to Fork

    We only work with a handful of respected online purveyors who provide us with items such as chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and grains. Everything else is from Las Vegas, including fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and locally-produced dairy. We have established relationships with local farms. When in season, fruits and vegetables are often delivered to our kitchen within hours of being harvested.  

  • Just About Everything from Scratch

    There is no better way to impart flavor than to make everything from scratch. The following are examples of what we make by hand: frostings, fillings, drizzles, glazes, pastry creams, sauces and syrups. We even make our own yogurt, creme fraiche and mascarpone. Mind-blowing, ain't it?

  • All Without Charging Exorbitant Prices

    It should be of no surprise that people have asked about our prices. So we gotta ask, our premium quality desserts as compared to who?