Artisan Dipped Chocolates

Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Truffles are also available. 

Artisan Chocolates

  • Made with Premium Chocolates

    All Artisan Chocolates are made with either premium chocolates from a chocolatier in France or from a highly regarded Belgian chocolatier. One is used when a recipe calls for less sugar and a complex flavor while the other is used for fullness, well-rounded chocolate flavor. 

  • We Use High-Quality and Organic Dried Fruits & Nuts

    Our dried fruits and nuts are purchased from an online vendor who carefully select fruits and nuts from all over the world and they're just as picky as we are about their selections. They also keep a keen eye on sustainably resourced products which is important to us.

  • We Take Our Time to Hand-Craft Our Chocolates

    Our chocolate desserts are deep and rich in chocolate flavor with a long, smooth finish and we take our time to ensure such coveted qualities by creating them with care and patience and skill. 

  • Certified Kosher & Vegan

    The time-honored, respected chocolatiers we work with are both certified kosher and are naturally gluten-free. Please note that milk chocolate-based desserts are not dairy-free and therefore not considered vegan.