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* Schedule a Delivery or Pick Up

  • Friday Night Delivery

    Friday Nights - We'll deliver your sweet tooth fix on Friday nights between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. Orders are accepted until 7:30 p.m. and scheduled in two-hour time frames.  

  • Online Order Details 

    Order Details - Upon receipt of your order, we'll contact you to schedule a delivery date and time that works for you. Please make sure someone is available to sign for your order.       

  • Office Wednesday Delivery

    Office Wednesdays - Middle of the work week slump? We deliver office orders between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. Orders must be received by noon the day before delivery. 

  • Online Order Pick Up  

    Order Details - Online order pick up is by appointment only and must be collected within the scheduled time frame. Order will be picked up at our bakery on McLeod, between Sunset and Patrick.

* Promote Your Business & Increase Sales

  • Restaurants Want Us

    Wholesale - If you're not offering dessert to your customers, then you're losing money every day. Why have your customers go elsewhere when they can get their sweet fix from you? We offer a variety of ways to sell our products, including in-store, takeout, delivery and catering.  

  • Sales People Love Us 

    The first thing you need to sell is you and sharing food is a great way to start a new relationship. Choose from a variety of options, including goodie trays for the office and treat boxes to send them home with...after you close the deal.      

  • Realtors Thank Us

    Let's make your open house a success! The goal is for prospects to linger, connect and buy and there's no better way to make it happen than offering our treats. For your convenience, we offer bottled water and tableware. Our desserts are also perfect for closing and referral gifts.

  • Fundaisers Appreciate Us  

    We have an annual donation budget and we consider all charity requests. Our emphasis is on charities who focus on feeding the hungry, helping military veterans, and educating the public about mental health issues.

* Goodie Boxes, Custom Kits & Classes

  • Birthday In a Box

    Birthday - Choose a birthday cake flavor, customize and throw in some extra goodies, like cookies, cupcakes and snack cakes. Each kit serves 8 to 10 people. 

  • Themed Party Kits 

    Party Kits - Our themed party kits are ideal for all kinds of parties, like kids, adult, cultural and last-minute get togethers. Some kits are available for shipping as care packages and "missing you" gifts.        

  • DIY Decorating Kits

    Decorating Kits - Our dessert decorating kits are perfect for fabulous fun in the kitchen! Each decorating kit features one type of dessert, such as cookies, cupcakes and holiday treats.    

  • Workshops & Classes (Soon)  

    Cheerful Classes - Our workshops and classes are open to both adults, range from beginner to intermediate baker, are hands-on and include all ingredients and tools to make class projects. 

* Catering for Events & Parties

  • Bars & Buffets

    Bars and buffets are designed to offer an impressive selection of desserts. Examples of our packages include classic sweets, brunch items, and even a French pastries spread. Our bars are ideal for small and friendly affairs while buffets are great for large events and parties. 

  • Passed & Side Plates 

    Passed and side plates offer a selection of desserts tailor-made to your needs. Passed plates are for parties where people are on the move, such as cocktail and networking. Small plates are for seated dinners when you want to add a sweet element to your own savory dishes.      

  • Goodie Boxes & Snack Bars

    Each goodie box has a variety of petite versions of our desserts and are perfect for small business and school events, showers, fundraisers and outdoor parties. A snack bar is a late-night munchers dream and fabulous for late-night nibbles at weddings and evening affairs.  

  • Sideboards & Cake Trays  

    Sideboards focus on a single group of sweets and smaller than bars and buffets. They can be customized to fit any party size. Cake trays offer guests an array of cake flavors. Twelve flavors are available in either cake slices, cake bars or petite cakes. Frostings and fillings can be customized to suit your needs.   

* Show Up With More Than a Smile

  • Host Gifts & Housewarmings

    Good manners dictate that you show up with a host gift, so don't be caught empty handed. Instead, bring dessert or a basket of sweets for them to appreciate the next day. 

  • Potlucks & Church Socials

    They are so much fun, but it's hard to wake up to a morning of baking before church. Free yourself from the pressure and simply place an order with us.      

  • Holidays & Gift Giving

    Family, friends and strangers. They will all be on your doorstep. Plan right and you will always have treats to share, so you can enjoy the holidays, too!   

  • School Events & Bake Sales

    Has your kid volunteered you for a bake sale? Are you scheduled for classroom snacks or birthday goodies? Let us do the work. Tight deadlines are okay.



    Sweet Talk from Our Super Happy Customers


    Good Lord Have Mercy!Anna S. - Summerlin, NV

    "My boyfriend and I bought six different cupcakes to last us the weekend. They did not make it past Saturday night! He loved the spicy Mexican Chocolate cupcake and the cream filled chocolate cupcake the most and I wish I had bought a dozen more of the coffee cupcakes with chocolate chips!"


    Best Birthday Cake Ever!- Celia F. - Las Vegas, NV

    "My grandpa loves lemon cake and he has complained about every cake we ever bought him but not this one! We got him the lemon sugar cookie cake. It has a freakishly good sugar cookie bottom and a lemon curd to die for. He said it was "damn good" and he never gives compliments."


    I Couldn't Stop Eating the CookiesKenneth A. - Las Vegas, NV

    "My work bought a bunch. I think I had half a dozen and I never do that but that’s how good they are. My wife ordered more. The brookie is awesome. The bacon chocolate chip pretzel cookie was what went first so I didn’t get to try it but I hear it was pretty amazing."

    Slide 4

    Most Amazing Chocolate Cake Ever!- Althea T. - Summerlin, NV

    "You have the most amazing chocolate cake. We got so many compliments. Everyone insisted I tell them where I got it from. I know you will get a lot of orders from my family and friends!"

    Slide 5

    Brunch Tray Was Great- Michael B. – N. Las Vegas, NV

    "Thank you for making me look great. The brunch tray was a big success and the muffins went really fast. The carrot muffin was the best I have ever had. My crew is looking forward to more office meetings."

    Slide 6

    Snack Cake Rolls Are My Jam- Katie J. - Henderson, NV

    "Those little snack cakes are going to be the death of me. I just want to order them all the time. The filling was so delicious and not like that gritty, sugary junk you get in the boxed stuff from the store."


    Good Lord Have Mercy!Anna S. - Summerlin, NV

    "My boyfriend and I bought six different cupcakes to last us the weekend. They did not make it past Saturday night! He loved the spicy Mexican Chocolate cupcake and the cream filled chocolate cupcake the most and I wish I had bought a dozen more of the coffee cupcakes with chocolate chips!"

    Tasting Schedule

    Our calendar fills up quickly, so snag a spot with plenty of time before your event. And while it's awesome for us that our phone rings off the hook, we recommend that you complete this form to schedule your consultation. 

    Reserve Your Tasting Consultation

    As you sample our desserts and pastries, we'll help you create a realistic, albeit delicious, plan for your event.